Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

Die Belagerung der Veste Coburg 1632

On an old Postcard I found that wonderful lively picture of the "Siege of the Veste Coburg" through Wallenstein in the year 1632.
That picture gave me the inspiration for a little scene. The little diorama will show a canon, 3 horsemen and 5 other soldiers.
The plan is not to build up a 1:1 copy of the painting. I just wanna make a lively situation showing the daily routine and try out some figure conversations and techniques on trees and gabions.
For the first time I startet to convert some horses (inspired by some really brilliant works on that forum) but yeah...that seems to be a hell of a job cause I dont know much about horses and the way they jump or walk ;)

Here are some snapshots of early stages.

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